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For more than 20 years I've been helping high-potential individuals build the life of their dreams and realize their true potential as business owners, educators, elected officials, entertainers, clergy, industry shapers, people builders, and thought leaders.  

What Do You Want?

  • Have you discovered your unique ability and clarified what you really want out of life? 

  • Do you have a passion message or cause that needs to be clarified, vetted, and organized for delivery?

  • Are you struggling to realize your next level of impact, influence, and significance?

  • Do you have an idea or venture you want to pursue but don't know where to start?

  • Is your existing business growing, thriving, and providing you with fulfillment and joy, OR is it slowly killing you or robbing you of what you are truly passionate about and capable of achieving?

  • Can you see your business experiencing a 2X, 3X, or even 10X transformation in the next 12 months?

  • Are you in business, leadership, or some position of influence but realize there is something MORE that is calling you?

  • If you are ready to break free from mediocrity and the status quo and experience a life of UNCOMMON success, significance and influence, then you’ve come to the right place.

"Brian Holmes is a remarkable leader. His teaching and leadership is changing lives all over the world. Not only does Brian know how to make a significant impact with his words, his actions show that he is focused and committed to empowering people for real excellence. I highly recommend Brian as a speaker, coach and catalyst for individuals and organizations who are truly looking to go to the next level."

Strategist, Leadership Coach,  Speaker, & Author

“Too many people settle mediocrity in their lives or businesses. Brian is an insightful and powerful guide for helping one break through inaccurate beliefs that hold us back. With loving but truthful care he helps us align our beliefs so moving toward our passion is not only possible, but is the only option for having a life of purpose and meaning.  The ideal coach for anyone thinking they’re stuck in the life they have now.”​

Author 48 Days to the Work You Love


Work With Me

Whether you are a business owner, community leader, entrepreneur who is looking to start a new venture, or just a man or woman who is ready to take everything to a new level, I would be honored to partner with you in discovering what is possible and achievable for your life and influence.


Let us help you build the life you really want, and make the mark you were intended to make. Our time-tested and proven processes will guide you through Personal Healing, Personal Discovery, Personal Development, and onward to your next level of Personal Deployment.


Whether you are vetting a new idea, need help with business formation, are formulating your strategy and plan, or you are simply wanting to 10X your existing business this year, our Strategic Business Consulting will catapult you to a new place of growth and influence in your market.


We offer numerous workshops, seminars, and training programs each year. Whether hosted by Strategic Influencers, or customized to your needs and held at your location, our goal is to transform, train, develop, and activate Strategic Influencers in every sector.

“ Brian's training and coaching gave me the confidence and strength to write my story and publish my first book, My Angel In Heaven. I am grateful to say it became a #1 bestseller in many categories across Amazon US, India, UK and Australia. It has been a great journey and I hope I accomplish much more on it that will make an impact and help more people.”

Rebecca Vijay

Best Selling Author - New Delhi, India

“Brian’s insight, encouragement and assistance in getting my first book published was of enormous benefit. His help in what was unknown territory for me, but comfortable and familiar to him was invaluable and enjoyable at the same time. I’m thankful for Brian for his willingness to share his broad experience and practical wisdom so I can make an impact.”

Scott P.

Attorney, Consultant, Speaker, and Author


Nothing Changes Until Something Changes!

Some dream of experiencing new levels of success and impact. Others TAKE ACTION and see their dreams become a reality. Which one are you?


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